Why Cygnus Investment Advisors?

Cygnus Investment Advisors – Independence

The most unique feature of the Cygnus investment advisory process is that it is completely independent. This means that, having advised a client on what we believe are the most suitable and appropriate investments, we do not then receive a fee or commission from the investments that the client makes. Instead, we agree a fixed annual advisory fee with the client, and that is the only fee we receive.

The advantages of this for the client are:

  1. Lower overall fees
  2. No hidden commissions or transaction costs
  3. The client knows that the investment advice is totally impartial
  4. The client gets to see the full range of investment options, and not just those offered by a particular broker or product provider


Clients of Cygnus Investment Advisors benefit from the unique experience and knowledge that Padraig O’Sullivan has gained in over 25 years in the financial markets, including almost 10 years during which his primary focus has been on credit unions. With his background he has an in-depth understanding of investment markets allied to a detailed awareness of credit union issues and the challenges that credit unions face in the current economic and regulatory environment.

All-inclusive Service

From our experience of dealing with credit unions we are well aware that as part of an investment advisory service they expect much more than to simply receive investment advice. They expect continuous interaction between their investment advisors and the Board/Investment Committee/Manager which will include:

  • a regular flow of market commentary outlining any implications for the credit union’s investments,
  • guidance on regulatory issues and proper investment process,
  • assistance with valuations and prudential returns,
  • training and education on investments to give a better understanding of financial markets and investment risk.

We consider all of the above to be an integral part of the service we provide.


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