Investment Philosophy

As our name implies, Cygnus Investment Advisors give investment advice – we do not sell investment products.

In order to protect the integrity of the investment advisory process, we firmly believe (our investment philosophy) that investment advice and product sales are two distinct functions that should not be combined.

Cygnus is unique in that it has no ties or fee sharing arrangements with any banks, brokers or product producers.

By providing independent investment advice our clients know that the advice they receive is solely based on what we believe is in our clients’ best interests, and that there are no other motives. Clients also know that they will be shown the full range of investments available to them, with no preference towards products coming from any particular source.

Cygnus’s approach is to not just give advice on what investments to make, but to have an investment process that involves informing and educating the client on investment markets in order to give a full understanding of the risks, the returns, the pitfalls and the rewards.

In that way the client doesn’t have to blindly follow whatever advice they are given, but is in a position to evaluate that advice, ask the important questions and make informed decisions.

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