Investment Advisory Service

Investment advisory service – every client is different, and so each has different priorities and requirements.

For that reason Cygnus does not have a “one size fits all” investment advisory service, but instead offers a highly flexible approach which allows it to tailor its service to meets the needs of each individual client.

The aim of our investment advisory service is to provide our clients with:

  • An understanding of investment risk
  • An understanding of the relationship between risk and return
  • An awareness of the investment options available to them
  • An understanding of the regulatory requirements relating to investments
  • An appreciation of staff and management roles and responsibilities in the management of investments

To achieve these aims our service includes:

  • Investment recommendations and strategies
  • Market commentaries
  • Investment training & education
  • Prudential Return assistance
  • Attendance at board/investment meetings/AGMs
  • Quarterly Investment Reports
  • Introduction to banks/brokers/investment products
  • Assistance with regulatory queries
  • Advice on investment policies & procedures
  • Negotiating improved deposit rates, fees, etc.
  • Constant access to the expertise required to manage all aspects of an investment portfolio

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